Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gambling within House of Mirth

I think the gambling within the book House of Mirth was a very interesting theme. The book on a whole can be seen as a gamble. This would be due to Lily gambling that she can get something better then what she has at the present moment. However she keeps losing her gambles and ends up losing everything. She went all in for a better life and lost due to not playing the game right. Within the book small gambles can also be seen. There is the basic theme of plain gambling, such as for bridge. This goes to show that when people get money they like to spend it in any manner they wish. Lily in this manner is gambling money she does not have and is always do this to try to fit in with her "friends." Lilys social life is also a gamble. The people she picks to see is a gamble that will affect how her friends see her. She picks to see Selden rather then going to Church to meet up with a possible husband. Another gamble that she takes with friends is not becoming friends with Rosedale. Both of these actions with friends were gambles and Lily lost them. Rosedale will not marry her and Selden will also not marry her. There is also the gamble that Lily took with the letters that she bought. She should have used these letters to gain her way back into society. However she did not take this gamble and in the end did not win the ability to go back. There was also the gamble Lily took with the sleeping meds. She gambled to take more cause she was tired. And totally lost cause it killed her. This whole book was a gamble and lily lost everyone. She should have learned but didn't and died due to gambling.

House of Mirth

Well I can honestly say this was by far the worst book we read within this class. This was due to the manner in which it was written. This book was written to show how the upper class society viewed certain issues and how they treated their everyday life. Why this book was so bad was because nothing actually happened within this book. The main character Lily spent the whole book trying to find her way to fit into society. She was presented many options to get in with society however she did not take these options because she feel that she can do better. However the rest of the book is spent upon her downfall. Which is the slowest and most pointless downfall of any of the books we have read this year. Lily just falls out of grace with the people she is hanging out with. These people also take advantage of her. While Lily is falling she has the ability to save herself however she does not. The book finally end with her death. A highly anti-climatic end to the book. The death is easy to see coming cause she has already suffered her death in society, which was her life. So it can only be seen that she will die herself. This book does a good job of showing how the upper levels of society work and they used to act in their everyday life. However it was a very slow book that i think could have been written in about half the length.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Greed vs McTeague

I found the movie Greed to be very different from the book McTeague. This was not due to a change in the story or the characters that were used within the movie. I found this difference to be from the added images that were put into the movie. There was also the music that was added. I will get to that in a second though. For the images the first one that i didn't like that was added was the funeral that happened during the wedding. This set up too much how the end was going to happen. Why would a funeral be added. This was too much, it showed that everyone that was at the wedding was doomed. Which is true but i did not like how it was done. There was also the second bird. This kinda made worked as a symbol for the family, but it was not part of the book and i felt should not have been added. The other main images that were added were all the cats. The cats were a major part of this movie to show when Marcus was involved. There was too much added imagery which led to the viewers mind being shifted to think certain things about the characters. Then there was the music. The music that was added changed the story. It added a different feel and made certain parts more dramatic then they should have been. Overall though i would say that Greed covered the book pretty well, with a few minor problems due to over acting.