Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fall

For the fall in the "Rise of Silas Lapham" i did not see this as a bad thing. The Fall had good outcomes in the end for the characters. By this I mean they no character within this story lost everything and was destroyed. Some examples will follow these statements. Irene during this fall had a positive outcome. Do to Corey being in love with his sister Irene had to grow up fast. She started out as a child that was just truly childish. After this event she grew up and learned that she can get over things and how to be more helpful with certain things. Silas's wife actually lost nothing in this i feel. This event caused her to stress and lose her "lavish" life style. Once this event was over she moved back to what she married into and had a happily married daughter. I would say she was the least affected by this even. Penelope had a hard time when she first found out about Corey. From this I would say she learned that all things can turn out well and there is no point stressing over things that are out of your control. Plus she married into a very wealthy family and got a loving husband. Silas lost all of his funds and his new life style but he learned that he can be very happy just by being a very ethical person. He was too ethical from my point of view, but he did what he thought was right. Out of this whole thing Silas just moved back to his farm where he can live a relaxed life, and also he felt so proud that Corey was taken in by the other paint company upon his recommendation. All of the characters within this story had a hard time, but it turned out for the better in the end. They all got learn that life is hard but can still be good no matter what it throws at them. Plus if you really think about it they didn't lose anything besides the ability to spend more money then they know what to do with.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Rise Of Silas Lapham

The social class difference portrayed throughout this book is a very prominent part of the book. Also how the NEW money is shown verses the OLD money. Silas is being foiled by Bromfield as a way to show old vs new. Silas has worked very hard to earn all of his money. It has said multiple times throughout the book that he doesn't even take vacation. And that the older he gets the more he works to try to earn money. Whereas Bromfield has never worked a real day in his life. His is lazy, and when his father asked him what he would like to do for work he said "I would like to travel." Another difference between these two men is how they view each other. Bromfield looks down upon Silas, but at the same time is interested to meet him because his on is so involved with him. Silas doesnt like Bromfield at the start, yet he very much so wants to meet him. Shown as once they meet Silas is very keen on meeting him again. Another old vs new money thing is how their money is spent. The old money is more conservative and is so used to having money they dont even have to think about how much money they have. They just buy things that fit into their lifestyle. The new money is the opposite. New money is not conservative, doesnt know how to spend their money well, and is so not used to having money that they brag about their wealth. The class difference is also shown in the areas the men live in. How their daughters act and are educated and also where they send there family during the summer months. Little side not if people think NEW vs OLD money is not an issue anymore and class doesn't matter. They should go to certain parts of Boston or upstate New York or as a matter of fact most places on the east coast. Because these things still very much exist.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behind the Mask

I found the book, Behind the Mask by Alcott, to be a very boring read. Within the first chapter I knew how the whole book was going to turn out. The story didn't leave much for the reader to try to figure out on their own. Due to this i had no real interest to find out what happened to Muir throughout the story. Within the story Jean Muir is portrayed as an actor that can get all she wants from the people around her. She is very observant and can find peoples weaknesses and twist them to her own little gain. There were only two parts of the book that i found interesting. The first being that she was of such an old age. I didn't see this coming. I thought she was just a young women of the lower class that was trying to get her way and work up the class system. When she reveals that she is an older women that is just hiding behind her makeup and fake hair i was a little surprised. Side note this reminded me of a horror movie The Orphan, in which an older women hides age and looks to get her way. The second interesting thing was how Muir was presented as such a strong woman. Muir is presented in a very feminist light. Where she can get what she wants from men and can do thing on her own. It's almost ironic that Muir is shown as such a strong woman, who is trying to change her class and show that class is not important, and that her ultimate goal and way to achieve this class change is to get married. By her getting married it almost defeats the purpose of showing her as a strong woman throughout the story. Overall it was a boring read and a predictable book, but had a few interesting points that appeared throughout the text.