Thursday, March 25, 2010

The dull dentist

I rather enjoyed this book. I was not too sure about this book when i started it. This was due to this book starting with the dentist and just talking about how dull he was and how he was having a hard time getting work. However the book picked up once he met his soon to be wife. Once his wife wins the money that's when the book became rather good. His wife turned into a very frugal person. She began to take money from her husband just to keep it even when they were beginning to live in poverty. There were two other themes within this book that i found rather interesting. These themes were macs old friend feeling like he was cheated out of tje winnings because he gave up on his girl. The other theme wa the beast that was within him. This beast was always close to coming out. This beast ended up doing him in in the end. Marcus feeling he was cheated is alos what ended up doing him in the end. All prople within this book ended up paying for the beast that was within mac. And all of this had to do with people being greedy and were then killed by the beast.

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  1. I really like how you described this, Charles: "All prople within this book ended up paying for the beast that was within mac." Norris wants to establish the absolutely ordinary existence of McTeague before he shows how a minor or even seemingly good event, like winning the lottery, can create a drastic change in people's lives.