Thursday, April 15, 2010

House of Mirth

Well I can honestly say this was by far the worst book we read within this class. This was due to the manner in which it was written. This book was written to show how the upper class society viewed certain issues and how they treated their everyday life. Why this book was so bad was because nothing actually happened within this book. The main character Lily spent the whole book trying to find her way to fit into society. She was presented many options to get in with society however she did not take these options because she feel that she can do better. However the rest of the book is spent upon her downfall. Which is the slowest and most pointless downfall of any of the books we have read this year. Lily just falls out of grace with the people she is hanging out with. These people also take advantage of her. While Lily is falling she has the ability to save herself however she does not. The book finally end with her death. A highly anti-climatic end to the book. The death is easy to see coming cause she has already suffered her death in society, which was her life. So it can only be seen that she will die herself. This book does a good job of showing how the upper levels of society work and they used to act in their everyday life. However it was a very slow book that i think could have been written in about half the length.

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  1. That's interesting, Charles: some people are saying on their blogs that this is the best novel they've read all semester.